Blended Hair Weave Denver

Blended Hair Weave

100% human hair with some of the most advanced invented synthetic fibers. Human hair blend weave offers high quality and natural looking hair for less the cost. The advantage of human hair blend weave is its low price with extreme resiliency. Looking for volume and manageability, look no further. We carry the largest variety of styles from straight to wavy to curly.

If you have ever worn human hair weaves blended with futura high heat synthetic hair, you are probably wondering how the heck to get it to curl, right? Well, we’ve found some answers.

Futura high heat synthetic fiber is very similar to human hair because it can withstand heat up to 300 degrees. However, it does not mat or tangle like human hair can. It is a fraction of the cost and can last much longer than standard human hair. “Blended” products are a fraction of the cost of 100% human hair products however they can last just as long and be styled, unlike regular synthetic products.

Futura fiber is being used for weaving hair, bulk braiding hair, wigs, lace front wigs and human hair blended products such as blended weaving hair and blended wigs.

Since futura is a high heat fiber, it can be flat ironed, curled and blow dried, however, when it comes to curling, it takes a bit longer to get the curls in. Unlike 100% human hair, you have to hold the curler on the hair for at least twice the length of time to get the curl to set. Once you remove the curler, do not pull the hair, just slide the curler out of the curl. Allow the curl to cool before pulling or styling. Be sure to test a small section of hair underneath to ensure that the curling iron is not too hot!!