Heat Retardant Wigs Denver

Heat Retardant Wigs

Convenience is everything when it comes to finding a wig to wear while undergoing chemo to fight cancer. Many women do not feel like dealing with the maintenance some human hair wigs require, so they often opt for synthetic wigs. One of the biggest complaints women have about these types of wigs is that they cannot use heat to style them. This worry is now a thing of the past, due to the newest heat resistant wigs. These wigs are completely synthetic, yet allow you styling options like never before available in synthetic wigs. You will love the styles you can create, giving you the confidence to face the world while you go through treatment.

What are Heat Retardant Wigs

Heat safe wigs are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices when it comes to wig purchases. These wigs come in many different styles, some allowing for more heat than others. A heat resistant wig is created from specially treated fibers that are developed to be able to resist heat. This does not mean they cannot be damaged by heat, but it does allow these heat defiant wigs to be styled with hair dryers and curling irons, an option that was once impossible. In the past, wearing a synthetic wig was impossible when cooking or around an open flame, because of the tendency of these fibers to melt. Once treated, heat resistant wigs are able to withstand as much as 460 degrees of heat, though you should only use the minimum amount needed, to create your style. Not all heat resistant wigs are created the same. Heat friendly wigs are wigs that can handle a minimum amount of heat, never over 160 degrees. This allows you to style your heat friendly wigs, using a hair dryer or curling iron, set on the lowest temperature. As a word of caution, you should never apply heat to a wig, unless you are certain it is one of the heat defiant wigs, as you could damage it.

Choosing the Best One for You

For freedom in styling, without the cost of human hair, heat friendly wigs and heat resistant wigs are your best option. Patti's Pearls offers plenty of choices when it comes to finding your perfect heat resistant wig. Available from master designers, like Jon Renau and Raquel Welch, we have all of the styles, lengths and colors you can imagine. Find your perfect look today.